Steady State and Transient Behavior of a Fuzzy-Based Controlled STATCOM Placed by Eigenvalue Analysis in 45 Bus Brazilian Power System


This paper focuses on allocation and control of a STATCOM in a multimachine power system. The network considered is a 45-bus 10-generator power system section of the Brazilian power grid. The main objective of the STATCOM is to provide voltage support to the system and improve its dynamic characteristics. A detailed study is presented using the bus voltage deviations and the STATCOM power rating (MVA) in order to find the optimum location for the FACTS device in the 45-bus system. For the STATCOM optimally allocated using the above method, a Mamdani fuzzy controller is then designed and its performance is compared with a conventional fine tuned PI controller. It is shown that the proposed fuzzy controller outperforms the PI controller during small scale and large scale disturbances, such as three phase short circuits. In addition to providing voltage support, the two controllers are compared in terms of the control effort generated by each one. The simulation results indicate that the proposed fuzzy controller restores the system steady state conditions with considerably less injected reactive power. This means the fuzzy controller requires inverter switches with lower current ratings.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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STATCOM Allocation; Fuzzy Logic Based Control; Multimachine Power System; Static Compensator

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 May 2006

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