A hybrid finite element method/method of moments (FEM/MoM) technique is used to analyze a printed circuit board power bus structure where the source and observation points are in the near field. The FEM is used to model the lossy region between the planes of the board including the source. The MoM is used to model the region outside the planes and provide a radiation boundary condition to terminate the FEM mesh. Numerical results for a bridged power bus structure are compared with measurements. A nonphysical interior resonance of the electric field integral equation is observed. The problem can be avoided by using a hybrid technique based on a combined field integral equation


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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EFIE; FEM Mesh Termination; MFIE; PCB Model; PCB Power Bus Structure; Bridged Power Bus Structure; Combined Field Integral Equation; Electric Field Integral Equation; Electric Field Integral Equations; Finite Element Analysis; Hybrid FEM/MoM; Hybrid Finite Element Method/Method of Moments; Interior Resonance Problem; Lossy Region; Magnetic Field Integral Equations; Method of Moments; Near Field; Nonphysical Interior Resonance; Printed Circuit Boards; Printed Circuits; Radiation Boundary Condition; Resonance; Scattering Parameters

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01 Jan 2002