The DC power-bus is a critical aspect in high-speed digital circuit designs. A circuit extraction approach based on a mixed-potential integral equation is presented herein to model arbitrary multilayer power-bus structures with vertical discontinuities that include decoupling capacitor interconnects. Green's functions in a stratified medium are used and the problem is formulated using a mixed-potential integral equation approach. The final matrix equation is not solved, rather, an equivalent circuit model is extracted from the first-principles formulation. Agreement between modeling and measurements is good, and the utility of the approach is demonstrated for DC power-bus design.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

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DC Power-Bus Structures; Green's Function Methods; Green's Functions; Circuit CAD; Circuit Extraction Approach; Decoupling Capacitor Interconnects; Equivalent Circuit Model; Equivalent Circuits; High-Speed Digital Circuit; Integral Equations; Mixed-Potential Integral Equation; Power Supply Circuits; Printed Circuit Design; Stratified Medium; Surface Mount Technology; Vertical Discontinuities; Circuit Extraction; Decoupling; Power-Bus Design; Via Modeling

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01 May 2001