An X-band FM-CW very fine range resolution scatterometer was used to acquire backscattering data for individual branches for a number of tree species. Using a model to describe the scattering source function, dσ/dR = f(η, κ), and an experimental procedure for selected removal of plant parts, allows the estimation of η, the volume backscatter coefficient, and κ, the volume extinction coefficient. It is found that 1) leaves are strong attenuators as well as scatterers, 2) the albedo, ω = η/κ, at a given angle of incidence, is nearly independent of the tree type, 3) the tree limbs are good attenuators but rather poor scatterers, and 4) the albedo changes as a function of the angle of incidence and for deciduous trees is also a function of the season.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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10 GHz; FM-CW Very-Fine-Range Resolution Scatterometer; X-Band; Angle Of Incidence; Backscattering; Branches; Deciduous; Leaf; Measurement; Microwave; Radar; Radar Applications; Radiowave Scattering; Remote Sensing; Scattering Source Function; Vegetation

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01 Sep 1988