The adequacy of the DC power bus decoupling for CMOS devices can be determined if the effective board decoupling capacitance, the CMOS load capacitance, the CMOS power dissipation capacitance, the switching time, and the allowable bus noise voltage are known. A simple method is presented for estimating the effective decoupling capacitance. The load and power dissipation capacitance values are shown analytically and experimentally to be closely related to the transient current. The transient current and switching time are used to estimate the transient noise voltage on the power bus

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IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 1998


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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CMOS Devices; CMOS Integrated Circuits; CMOS Load Capacitance; CMOS Power Dissipation Capacitance; Allowable Bus Noise Voltage; Capacitance; Conducted EMI; Effective Board Decoupling Capacitance; Electromagnetic Interference; Parameter Estimation; Power Bus Decoupling Design; Radiated EMI; Switching; Switching Time; Transient Analysis; Transient Current; Transient Noise Voltage Estimation

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1998