The modeling and the analysis of the power distribution networks (PDN) within multi-layer printed circuit board is crucial for the investigation of the performance of PCB systems. Carrying out such analyses in SPICE based tools has the advantage of being faster than the corresponding full-wave modeling and it allows obtaining both frequency and time domain results.

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IEEE 14th Topical Meeting on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging (2005: Oct. 24-26, Austin, TX)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory

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PCB Systems; SPICE; SPICE Based Extraction; Frequency Domain Analysis; Full-Wave Modeling; Integrated Circuit Interconnections; Multilayer Printed Circuit Board; Power Distribution Network; Printed Circuits; Time Domain Analysis; Multi-Layer Printed Circuit Board; Power Distribution Networks (PDN); Electric Power Distribution; Mathematical Models; Multilayers; Printed Circuit Boards; Electronics Packaging; Power Systems; Geometry; Solid Modeling; Power System Modeling; Packaging; Performance Analysis; Frequency Domain Analysis; Analytical Models

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01 Oct 2005