Guidelines for the selection and placement of decoupling capacitors that work well for one-sided or two-sided printed circuit boards are not appropriate for multilayer boards with power and ground planes. Boards without internal planes take advantage of the power bus inductance to help decouple components at the higher frequencies. An effective decoupling strategy for multilayer boards must account for the low inductance and relatively high capacitance of the power bus.


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Capacitance; Capacitors; Decoupling Capacitors; Decoupling Strategy; Ground Planes; Inductance; Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards; Power Bus Decoupling; Power Bus Inductance; Power Planes; Power Supply Circuits; Printed Circuit Design; Surges; Transients; Nonhomogeneous Media; Printed Circuits; Voltage; Capacitors; Power Distribution; Integrated Circuit Noise; Power System Modeling; Frequency; Current Supplies

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