In this paper, a combined kinematic/torque control law is developed for leader-follower based formation control using backstepping in order to accommodate the dynamics of the robots and the formation in contrast with kinematic-based formation controllers that are widely reported in the literature. A neural network (NN) is introduced along with robust integral of the sign of the error (RISE) feedback to approximate the dynamics of the follower as well as its leader using online weight tuning. It is shown using Lyapunov theory that the errors for the entire formation are asymptotically stable and the NN weights are bounded as opposed to uniformly ultimately bounded (UUB) stability which is typical with most NN controllers. Theoretical results are demonstrated using numerical simulations.

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International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2007. IJCNN 2007


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Computer Science


GAANN Program
University of Missouri--Rolla. Intelligent Systems Center

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Lyapunov Method; RISE; Formation Control; Kinematic/Dynamic Controller; Neural Network

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2007