The purpose of our on going research would be to track entities, which enter their field of vision over the sensor network. Based on their sightings, they maintain a dynamic cache that can be queried by a base station- a stationary orfixed node. Since transmitting messages consumes a lot of energy, as against local processing and moreover the limited energy in sensor node does not allow heavy duty computing, we need to develop algorithms that will ensure efficient computing and minimal transmission without degradation of performance. and also data is stored locally, and memory is finite, the nodes must choose their cache lines carefully and need to dump the redundant data so that it could avoid cache overflow.
Here we propose a class of algorithms for locating target object moving over a sensor network. the algorithms work with energy and memory limitations of the nodes. Algorithms developed conserves energy by efficiently identifying sensor nodes and use local messages between neighboring nodes to follow the trail of the object, assuming local transmission cost less compared to the long range transmission. Since, we avoid the long-range transmission and maximizing the local granularity security increases. the entire dynamic nature of the algorithm exploits the knowledge management for effective identification of objects through predefined parameters such as the object, object velocity. Hence it effectively exploits the network management for locating the objects over the network with minimal energy conservation and short range transmissions.

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First Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems, WISES '03 (2003: Jun. 27, Vienna, Austria)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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01 Jan 2003