Advances in EMI and GPR Algorithms in Discrimination Mode Processing for Handheld Landmine Detectors


This paper presents some advancement in the detection algorithms using EMI sensor, GPR sensor and their fusion. In the EMI algorithm, we propose the application of the weighted distributed density (WDD) functions on the wavelet domain and the time domain of the EMI data for feature based detection. A multilayer perceptron technique is then applied to discriminate between mine and clutter objects based on the wavelet domain and time domain features separately. When the results from the two domains are fused together, the probability of false alarms is reduced by a factor of two. The enhancement in the GPR algorithm includes the depth processing which selects a certain data segment below the ground surface for detection, as well as utilizing the phase variation of the signal return across a mine to achieve better detection. Finally, we present fusion results from EMI and GPR sensors to demonstrate that the two sensors provide complementary information and when they are properly fused together the probability of false alarm can be reduced significantly.

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SPIE 5415, Detection and Remediation Technologies for Mines and Minelike Targets IX (2004: Apr. 12, Orlando, FL)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

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EMI Sensor; GPR Sensor; Detection Algorithms; Weighted Distributed Density (WDD); Electromagnetic induction; Ground penetrating radar; Land mine detection; Metal detector

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01 Apr 2004