A Mamdani-type fuzzy logic controller is designed and implemented in hardware for controlling a static compensator (STATCOM), which is connected to a ten-bus multimachine power system. Such a controller does not need any mathematical model of the plant to be controlled and can efficiently provide control signals for the STATCOM over a wide range of operating conditions of the power system and during different disturbances. The proposed controller is implemented using the M67 digital signal processor board and is interfaced to the multimachine power system simulated on a real-time digital simulator. Experimental results are provided, showing that the proposed Mamdani fuzzy logic controller provides superior damping compared to the conventional proportional-integral (PI) controller for both small and large scale disturbances. In addition, the proposed controller manages to restore the power system to the steady state conditions with less control effort exerted by the STATCOM, which, in turn, leads to smaller megavar rating and, therefore, less cost for the device. The matrix pencil method analysis of the damping provided by the different controllers indicates that the proposed controller provides higher damping than the PI controller and also mitigates the modes present with the conventional PI control.


Electrical and Computer Engineering


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Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Implementation; Mamdani Fuzzy Logic Controller; Matrix Pencil Analysis; Multimachine Power System; Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS); Static Compensator (STATCOM)

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01 Jul 2009