Fractal Analysis and Fractal Harmonics: New Methods for Mine Dust Shape Measurement


It is hypothesized that shape of mine dust particles plays an important role in their pathogenicity but few reliable techniques exist to describe the particle shape. Early methods, which involve comparison of particles with standard shapes, produce results which vary significantly between operators. Over the last decade computer based techniques using non-classical algorithms have been used to characterize the shape. Fractal analysis can characterize the surface ruggedness of a particle surface in terms of a fractal dimension and is easily programmed on a computer. This has in turn led to the discovery of fractal harmonics which are expected to describe the macroscopic shape of particles reliably and succinctly. Only with these non-classical techniques, implemented on fast computers, can one obtain an accurate measure of mine dust angularity.

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Use of Computers in the Coal Industry (1986: Jul. 28-30, Morgantown, WV)



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Computer Aided Analysis; Mine Dust - Analysis; Particle Size Analysis, Fractal Analysis; Fractal Harmonics; Mine Dust Shape Measurement, Coal Dust

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jul 1986

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