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"A mathematical model that describes single and multicomponent recycle-sorption systems is constructed. The model accounts for the generation of species by chemical reactions occurring in a single perfectly mixed tank, in the bulk fluid of the sorbent bed, and in the pores of the adsorbent particles.

Results are shown for single zeroth, first and second order reversible reactions as well as a network consisting of two first or second order reactions which may occur in series or parallel. For systems in which a single reaction occurs, both linear and non-linear equilibrium adsorption isotherms are considered. If multiple reactions occur, then both reaction products may be adsorbed and their isotherms are non-linear. In all systems studied, the rate of generation of species within the adsorber is considered to be zero.

The recycle systems are found to produce much larger quantities of the reaction product than those obtained in a batch reactor for single first and second-order reversible reactions with low equilibrium constants. For multiple reactions, it is shown that if the proper adsorbent is used in the fixed bed, the recycle-sorption system can dramatically increase the selectivity of a desired product when compared to what it is obtained in a batch reactor. The fixed-bed sorption system with recycle may also produce large quantities of both products relative to those produced in a batch reactor for the case where two parallel reversible reactions occur in the reactor, if the operation terminates at a proper time.

Finally, in the case of multiple reactions and multicomponent adsorptions, the most preferentially adsorbed component may also be eluted which is in contrast with conventional adsorption system.

The recycle system has many applications in biomedical, biochemical and various other chemical processes"--Abstract, pages iii-iv.


Liapis, Athanasios I.

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Crosser, Orrin K.
Poling, Bruce E.
Avula, Xavier J. R.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering


University of Missouri
Dupont Inc.
Shell Foundation


University of Missouri--Rolla

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  • Fixed bed sorption with recycle-Part I
  • Fixed bed sorption with recycle-Part II
  • A short communication on fixed bed sorption with recycle-Part III


xxii, 281 pages

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Adsorption -- Mathematical models
Recycle operations (Chemical technology) -- Mathematical models

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T 4859

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