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Heusler alloys


"In 1898 F. Heusler discovered that certain alloys containing only copper, manganese, and tin are ferromagnetic. Since that time, ferromagnetic alloys have been reported to occur in the ternary systems copper-manganese-aluminum, copper-manganese-arsenic, copper-manganese-boron, copper-manganese-antimony, copper-manganese-zinc, silver-manganese-aluminum, and silver-manganese-tin. Such ferromagnetic alloys containing only non-ferromagnetic elements have come to be called "Heusler alloys."

From the metallographic standpoint, the ferromagnetic copper-manganese-aluminum and copper-manganese-tin alloys have been the most fully investigated of the Heusler alloys. These alloys owe their ferromagnetism to the beta phases in their respective systems. The structure of the beta phase is based on a body-centered cubic lattice.

In view of the chemical similarities between aluminum, tin, gallium, and indium, and the existence of beta phases in the binary systems copper-gallium and copper-indium, it may be suspected that ternary beta phases exist in the systems copper-manganese-gallium and copper-manganese-indium, and that these are ferromagnetic. The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether ferromagnetic beta phases exist in the systems copper-manganese-gallium and copper-manganese-indium, analogous to the ferromagnetic beta phases in the systems copper-manganese-aluminum and copper-manganese-tin.

The discovery of new magnetic alloys should be of interest both to the physicist and to the electrical engineer; to the physicist in the development of magnetic theory, and to the engineer with regard to possible technical applications"--The Problem, pages 1-2.


Eppelsheimer, Daniel S., 1909-1988


Materials Science and Engineering

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Ph. D. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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vii, 69 pages

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Ferromagnetic materials
Magnetic alloys

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