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"The aim of this study is to develop two classes of low-shrinkage high-performance concrete (HPC): fiber-reinforced super workable concrete (FR-SWC) for infrastructure construction and fiber-reinforced self-consolidating concrete (FR-SCC) for repair applications. HPC with excess content of shrinkage mitigation materials (SMMs), including shrinkage-reducing admixture (SRA), superabsorbent polymer (SAP), and expansive agent (EA) has a detrimental effect on mechanical performance. These classes of HPC were optimized to reduce shrinkage, enhance mechanical properties, and improve durability. The effect of fiber type (macro synthetic fiber, MSF; 5D steel fiber, 5D; 80% 3D + 20% short steel fibers; STST), SMMs, and plastic viscosity on bond strength and structural properties of beams was evaluated. Test results indicated that optimal SRA-MSF system led to low drying shrinkage without mitigating mechanical properties of FR-SWC. Using 1.25% SRA improved shrinkage resistance and flexural post-cracking behavior. Adding 0.66% MSF and 1.25% SRA notably reduced crack development, delayed onset of corrosion, and increased residual flexural properties of cracked beams. Adding SMMs enhanced the bond strength of FR-SCC by 10%-60%. FR-SCC with SRA exhibited better bond and flexural properties than those with EA and SAP. Adding 5D in FR-SCC showed excellent flexural properties, followed by MSF and STST. FR-SWC beams with various fibers showed 10%-55% lower crack width, 25%-55% higher yield loads, and 10%-30% higher ultimate loads than conventional beams. Beam elements repaired by FR-SCC with plastic viscosity (10-40 Pa·s) reduced crack width (45%-65%) and improved flexural load capacity (15%-30%) due to favorable dispersion of fibers"-- Abstract, p. iv


Khayat, Kamal

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Liu, Jenny
Ma, Hongyan
Yan, Guirong Grace
Okoronkwo, Monday Uchenna


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Ph. D. in Civil Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2024


vii, 352 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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