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Crystallography; Nanophysics; Opto-electronics; Physical Chemistry; Quantum Materials; Spintronics


"Multi-functional quantum materials play a crucial role in the development of spintronics and opto-electronics, as their properties can greatly influence device performance. For instance, in spintronics, materials such as ferromagnetic half-metals, Giant Magnetoresistants (GMR), and magnetic semiconductors have been extensively studied due to their ability to manipulate the spin of electrons for applications in magnetic storage. In opto-electronics, materials such as Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors (DMS) and non-oxide Transparent Conductors (TC) offer advantages such as tunable bandgap and high absorption coefficients, which enable improved device performance.

For this purpose, we have experimentally investigated the compounds that have shown theoretically interesting physical properties. In the current study, we have synthesized, characterized, and studied some novel single crystals and polycrystalline structures of Cr-doped ZnTe, CrTex, and etc. to explore for the future candidate quantum materials for spintronic and opto-electronic purposes. Cr-doped ZnTe polycrystalline have depicted transparent conductivity as well as room temperature ferromagnetism for both polycrystalline and single crystalline structures. Also, the electrical transport properties of these compounds enhance along with the increase of the dopant (Cr) concentrations. On the other hand, DFT calculations have come to the conclusion of room temperature ferromagnetic half-metallicity for Cr-doped ZnTe monocrystalline. Furthermore, Cr5Te8 single crystals have exhibited promising high magnetoresistance up to %10 at low external magnetic field due to their self-intercalated van der Waals structures"--Abstract, p. iv


Hor, Yew San

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Medvedeva, Julia E.
Choudhury, Amitava
Yamilov, Alexey
Fischer, Daniel



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Ph. D. in Physics


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2023


xi, 97 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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T 12259

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