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"Establishing and understanding the kinematic properties of a compliant mechanism has been a relatively recent endeavor and has proved to be a challenging task. A concept of compliance number was offered earlier; the development of terminologies was emphasized that aided in its determination. It also hypothesized that the compliance number (C) and stored strain energy, or mode shapes, are strongly correlated. This compliance number (C) concept is revisited, and a more lucid interpretation of its significance is provided. A fundamental understanding of the concept of deformation mode shapes in compliant mechanisms is formalized using two distinct categories: (i) segmental and (ii) mechanism mode shapes. The compliance number (C) and the pseudo-rigid-body model (PRBM) concepts are then used to determine the degrees of freedom and the possible mode shapes for a given compliant mechanism. Furthermore, research is conducted for better characterization of the kinematic behavior of a compliant mechanism. In the process, two distinct classes of compliant mechanisms are also identified: (i) compliant mechanisms with active compliance, and (ii) compliant mechanisms with passive compliance. Finally, a simple approach for the type of synthesis of compliant mechanisms is proposed using the existing graph theory knowledge and the compliance number (C) concept. The feasibility of the proposed approach is demonstrated by means of a practical example. The method is used to develop potential concepts for constant-force-based surgical clamps and retractors to minimize tissue trauma during surgical procedures, caused by the application of excessive tool-tissue interaction forces"--Abstract, p. iii


Midha, A. (Ashok)

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Chandrashekhara, K.
Dharani, Lokeswarappa R.
Du, Xiaoping
Kinzel, Edward C.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Spring 2022


xix, 245 pages

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Includes_bibliographical_references_(pages 233-244)


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Dissertation - Open Access

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T 12321