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"Two-dimensional (2D) materials, including graphene, transition metal carbides or nitrides (TMC/Ns), have rich surface chemistry, superb electrical and mechanical properties. These unique properties make them ideal for multifunctional devices. Among them, we focused on graphene and TMC/Ns (i.e., MXenes), as well as their composites. Unlike the well-known graphene, MXenes, are relatively new and typically synthesized by the selective etching of the “A” layers from the layered carbides and /or nitrides known as MAX phases, which introduce MXenes with rich terminal groups (e.g. -O-, -OH, -F).

During my Ph.D. study, firstly, the adhesive and frictional behaviors, which are related to successful film transfer and shear force transmission of 2D materials, respectively, were studied. Secondly, in-plane mechanical behaviors of 2D materials, were characterized using in situ experimental tools for micro-scale samples. At last, the high surface affinity and versatile chemical binding capabilities for 2D materials were applied in virus sensing.

Results show that the increase of AgNWs reduces the adhesion of AgNWs-GN. Long-range interaction, high adhesion and friction forces were observed for MXene/MXene interface, which is due to interactions between MXene terminating groups. The dependence of Young’s modulus and strength on the number of stacked MXene monolayers is much weaker than multilayer graphene and MoS2 stacks due to -O- atom bridging. Highly nonlinear responses and large residual deformations were observed under cyclic compression of MXene microparticles. At last, a wireless, flexible on-mask immunosensing-based COVID-19 breath sensor was developed to detect air-borne viruses"--Abstract, p. iii


Wu, Chenglin

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Chen, Genda
Yan, Guirong "Grace"
Ma, Hongyan
Dong, Xiangyang


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Ph. D. in Civil Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2022


Xii, 167 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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T 12322