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"Recent advances in analytical methods have furthered the quantitative insights that can be gleaned from cellular analyses, with applications in cancer and nanoparticle research. In the first part of the research presented, a recently developed HPLC-MS/MS method was advanced to elucidate pteridine metabolism in an isogenic progressive MCF10A breast cancer cell model. The folate-derived pteridine pathway in breast cells was established by individually dosing cell cultures with folic acid and 15 pteridines. Eight potential pteridine biomarkers in breast cancer cells were identified including pterin and isoxanthopterin, which yielded the first in vitro evidence for the cellular metabolisms behind previously reported elevated urinary pteridine levels in breast cancer patients, which could eventually lead to the development of a non-invasive cancer screening technique, as well as highlighted key metabolic reactions for further biomarker investigation. In the second part of the research presented, cutting-edge single cell (SC)-ICP-MS was utilized to investigate the interaction of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), one of the most broadly utilized type of NP, with Saccharomyces (S) cerevisiae yeast cells, a potential candidate for green manufacturing of AgNPs. Rapid quantification of cell concentration, silver concentration per cell, and the profile of AgNP distribution in a cell population was used to evaluate dose time, concentration, and size impacts on AgNP uptake and to quantify intracellular versus extracellular AgNP concentrations. This high throughput, ultra-sensitive SC-ICP-MS method is expected to have many potential applications, such as optimization of AgNP green synthesis procedures, drug delivery, and nanotoxicity"--Abstract, p. iv


Shi, Honglan

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Ma, Yinfa
Nam, Paul
Winiarz, Jeffrey G.
Westenberg, David J.



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Ph. D. in Chemistry


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2022


xii, 111 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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T 12230