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"The non-uniformity of shell growth in the continuous casting of peritectic steels constitutes a major barrier to the commercial production of many steel grades such as Advanced high strength steels (AHSS), transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) steels, abrasion-resistant steels, advanced armor plate steels, and many newly proposed steel grades that contain high levels of silicon, manganese, and aluminum.

The shell growth non-uniformity experienced in the continuous casting of peritectic steels results in the formation of defects in the as-cast slab and therefore increases the operating risk from cast aborts and breakouts. The ability to predict and avoid peritectic behavior at the alloy design stage is important from an academic and industrial standpoint as it helps shorten implantation cycle time to produce new advanced high strength steels. In the present dissertation, an improved method for predicting the composition ranges over which peritectic behavior occurs in certain steel systems of interest is presented. These steel systems cover mainly carbon steels and new grades of advanced high strength steels. Also included in this document is the application of an advanced detection system based on fiber-optic-based mold thermal mapping technology to observe the thermal non-uniformity in shell growth directly. The fiber-optic detection system relies on fast spatially distributed temperature measurements which were used to create the mold thermal maps. Mold thermal maps were found to correlate with shell measurement maps"--Abstract, p. iv


O'Malley, Ronald J.

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Bartlett, Laura
Moats, Michael S.
Huang, Jie
Lekakh, Simon
Adaba, Obinna


Materials Science and Engineering

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Ph. D. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2022


xiii, 87 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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