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Drilling Fluid; Lost Circulation; RPPG


"One of the most intense, expensive, and time-consuming problems during drilling operations is the loss of circulation, which could result in several consequences, including wellbore collapse, fluid inflow, formation damage, environmental issues, and nonproductive time. This research aims to evaluate novel materials that can mitigate lost circulation and overcome the limitation of other materials. In this research, a comprehensive evaluation of a re-crosslinkable preformed particle gel (RPPG) has been conducted to determine the extent to which it can be used to control drilling fluid losses during drilling operations. The RPPG consists of swellable gel particles that can self-crosslink to form a strong bulk gel in fractures to form strong plugging after being placed in the loss zones. Different RPPGs were investigated and evaluated for different reservoir temperature conditions, including Low-Temperature RPPG for reservoirs up to 80°C, Medium Temperature RPPG (80 to 100°C), and High-Temperature RPPG (130 °C). The effect of the RPPG swelling ratio, drilling fluid, conventional LCMs, and fracture width on its plugging efficiency were investigated. Based on this research, the LT-RPPG can withstand pressure up to 1381 psi/ft in a 2.0 mm fracture width, while MT-RPPG can seal fracture widths up to 3.0 mm and hold pressure up to 6234 psi/ft when a swelling ratio of eight is used. The HT-RPPG sealing pressure can reach up to 1077 psi/ft when a fracture width of 1.5 mm is used. Hence, Each RPPG achieved an excellent plugging and sealing performance related to its application. Thus, the RPPGs can be an excellent candidate to work as a fluid loss control material during drilling operations."--Abstract, page iv.


Bai, Baojun

Committee Member(s)

Schuman, Thomas P.
Flori, Ralph E.
Ma, Hongyan
Algarhy, Ahmed


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Ph. D. in Petroleum Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Summer 2022

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Low-temperature recrosslinkable preformed particle gel as a material for lost circulation control.
  • Impact of different additives on low-temperature recrosslinkable preformed particle gel to mitigate fluid losses in fractured formations.
  • Recrosslinkable preformed particle gel as a lost circulation material for medium-temperature applications.
  • High-temperature recrosslinkable preformed particle gel as a material for lost circulation.


xvii, 116 pages

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