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Le Ma

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Industrial Robot; Kinematic Error Compensation; Laser Tracker; Machine Tools


“A more efficient and increasingly popular volumetric error compensation method for machine tools is to compute compensation tables in axis space with tool tip volumetric measurements. However, machine tools have high-order geometric errors and some workspace is not reachable by measurement devices, the compensation method suffers a curve-fitting challenge, overfitting measurements in measured space and losing accuracy around and out of the measured space. Paper I presents a novel method that aims to uniformly interpolate and extrapolate the compensation tables throughout the entire workspace. By using a uniform constraint to bound the tool tip error slopes, an optimal model with consistent compensation capability is constructed. In addition to machine tools, industrial robots, are also becoming popularly used in manufacturing field. However, typical robot volumetric error compensation methods only consider constant errors such as link length and assembly errors while neglecting complicated kinematic errors such as strain wave gearing and out of rotating plane errors. Paper II presents a high-order joint-dependent model which describes both simple and complicated robot kinematic errors. A laser tracker with advantages of rapid data collection and a self-oriented position retroreflector are used for data collection. The experimental results show that nearly 20% of the robot kinematic errors are joint-dependent which are successfully captured by the proposed method. Paper III continues using the high-order joint-dependent robot error model while utilizing a new retroreflector with the ability of measuring robot position and orientation information simultaneously. More than 60% of measurement time is saved. Both position and orientation accuracy are also further improved”--Abstract, page iv.


Bristow, Douglas A.
Landers, Robert G.

Committee Member(s)

Leu, M. C. (Ming-Chuan)
Du, Xiaoping
Samaranayake, V. A.
Castle, James B.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering


The author would like to gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the National Science Foundation (NSF, grant CMMI-1335340) and the Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies at Missouri University of Science and Technology.


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Summer 2019

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Interpolation and extrapolation of optimally-fitted kinematic error model for five-axis machine tools
  • Modeling and calibration of high-order joint-dependent kinematic errors for industrial robots
  • Online adaptive modeling of robotic kinematic errors using a six degree of freedom tracking sensor


xvi, 147 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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T 12091