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Zhixin Li

Keywords and Phrases

Controlling Factors; Depositional Systems; Lacustrine; Rift Basin; Sequence Architecture; Steep Margin


“This study is carried out in Minfeng area, the steep margin of Dongying half graben, eastern China, by integrating 3-D seismic, wireline log, and core data, and aims to interpret the depositional systems, reconstruct sequence stratigraphic architecture, and understand the controlling processes and factors at the steep margin of a rift basin. In the first part of this work, an Eocene stratigraphic sequence is divided into three systems tracts, corresponding to different stages of lake evolution, as early expansion (EEST), late expansion-early contraction (LEECST), and late contraction (LCST). EEST is the thickest and diagnostic by the best-developed marginal and basinal fan systems, displaying a prominent retrogradational stacking pattern. LEEST has the largest basin size with most widespread profundal-sublittoral deposits, but limited fan development. LCST is the thinnest with poorly-developed fan systems, and characterized by significant erosion at basin margin by fluvial incision during lake latest contraction. The differential thickness and development of individual depositional systems in the three systems tracts are resulted from interplay between sediment supply and accommodation space. In the second part of this work, two contrasting depositional styles are recognized above two temporally-adjacent sequence boundaries, as perched lake and incised valley. Their infills are interpreted as fan-lacustrine deposition and fluvial-shoreface-deltaic-lacustrine deposition, recording variable sedimentation during lake lowstand and early expansion. The development of two contrasting depositional styles is a function of multiple allo- and auto-genic processes and factors. This study provides a lake expansion-contraction approach in sequence stratigraphic study in lacustrine steep margin. The results may serve as an ancient counterpart for other studies in lacustrine rift basins”--Abstract, page iv.


Yang, Wan

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Hogan, John Patrick
Wronkiewicz, David J.
Liu, Kelly H.
Eckert, Andreas


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Ph. D. in Geology and Geophysics


This research was supported by China National Science and Technology Major Project (2008ZX05008-004, 2011ZX05008-004) from Institute of Geology and Geophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences to Dr. Wan Yang, and partially supported by two student research grants from Geological Society of America, and the Al Spreng Graduate Research Grant from the Geology and Geophysics Program of Missouri University of Science and Technology to Zhixin Li.


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Spring 2017

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  • Anatomy of a Lacustrine Stratigraphic Sequence at the Steep Margin of Dongying Depression, Eastern China
  • Deposition of an Unincised Perched Lake versus an Incised Valley during Lake Lowstand and Early Expansion at the Steep margin of Dongying Depression, Eastern China


xii, 240 pages

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Eastern China


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