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Xi Cao


”Water splitting has been widely considered to be an efficient way to generate sustainable and renewable energy resources in fuel cells, metal-air batteries and other energy conversion devices. Exploring efficient electrocatalysts to expedite the anodic oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is a crucial task that needs to be addressed to boost the practical application of water splitting. This research focuses on the identification of OER electrocatalysts by systematically designing non-stochiometric mixed transition metal-based selenide OER electrocatalysts through combinatorial electrodeposition and investigation of selenide-based naturally occurring minerals as effective OER electrocatalyst. Paper I describes the study of Ni-Fe-Co selenides as OER catalysts by combinatorial electrodeposition and the best composition (Ni0.25Fe0.68Co0.07)3Se4 with the lowest overpotential. Paper II presents the exploration of Co-Ni-Cu selenide system through combinatorial electrodeposition of 66 different compositions as highly efficient OER electrocatalysts and the best quaternary (Co0.21Ni0.25Cu0.54)3Se2 showing a similar crystal structure as its parent compound Cu3Se2. Paper III introduces the Fe-Co-Cu selenide system investigated through combinatorial electrodeposition, and the optimal quaternary is identified as (Fe0.48Co0.38Cu0.14)Se. Paper IV presents CuCo2Se4 as high-efficiency bifunctional electrocatalyst for full water splitting and conducted DFT calculation of surface dependent OER activity on (100) and (111) facets. Paper V introduces the hydrothermal synthesis of naturally-occurring mineral Tyrrellite Cu(Co0.68Ni0.32)2Se4 as highly-efficient OER electrocatalyst. Paper VI describes three naturally occurring copper selenides (Cu2Se, Cu3Se2 and CuSe2) as OER electrocatalyst and performed DFT calculation to understand their catalytic activity trend”--Abstract, page iv.


Nath, Manashi

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Woelk, Klaus
Winiarz, Jeffrey G.
Choudhury, Amitava
Medvedeva, Julia E.
Liang, Xinhua



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Ph. D. in Chemistry


The authors would like to acknowledge financial support from National Science Foundation (DMR 1710313), American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (54793-ND10), and Energy Research and Development Center (ERDC) Missouri S&T.


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Summer 2019

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Phase exploration and identification of multinary transition metal selenides as high-efficiency oxygen evolution electrocatalysts through combinatorial electrodeposition
  • Identifying high-efficiency oxygen evolution electrocatalysts from Co-Ni-Cu based selenides through combinatorial electrodeposition
  • Expanding multinary selenide based high-efficiency oxygen evolution electrocatalysts through combinatorial electrodeposition: Case study with Fe-Cu-Co selenides
  • Copper cobalt selenide as a high-efficiency bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting: Combined experimental and theoretical study
  • Tyrrellite as a novel and sustainable efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution generation
  • Naturally occurring minerals as novel oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalysts: Berzelianite, umangite and krut'aite (Cu₂Se, Cu₃Se₂ and CuSe₂) generation


xvii, 294 pages

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