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DP-AFM; ILC; Probe-On-Probe Interaction; Sequence Nonincreasing Condition; Switched Control System; UUB


“The atomic force microscope (AFM) is a widely used instrument for imaging and direct manipulation of materials and particles at the nanoscale. The AFM uses a probe, which is a microcantilever with a sharp point at the end. Typically, the AFM is constructed with a single probe. The disadvantage of this construction is that it can only be used either for imaging or manipulation in one implementation. An AFM was constructed using two probes, permitting simultaneous imaging and manipulation. A dual-probe AFM (DP-AFM) provides a foundation for feedback controlled manipulation.

Paper I investigates probe-on-probe contact stability and examines the dynamics of probe-on-probe contact. Evaluation of these interactions leads to study the stability of state-dependent switched systems. Uniform ultimate boundedness theorem and sequence nonincreasing condition corollary were employed to show stability of proposed state dependent switched model with DP-AFM application.

Paper II is extending approach-retract curve to characterize probe-on-probe interaction. Universal sensitivity model for probe-on-probe interaction was found. During the retract phase, adhesion occurs between probes. Jump-off-contact deflection between probes was employed for adhesion force calculation.

Paper III represents implementation of Iterative Learning Control on Z-axis nanostage with stochastic and deterministic noise. The nano stage model was identified using frequency response of the stage. Deterministic and stochastic noise spectrum was identified experimentally. Optimal Q filter and learning filter (L-filter) were designed depending on the deterministic and stochastic noise spectrum. The error norm was experimentally found to be converging for all four ILC algorithms”--Abstract, page iv.


Bristow, Douglas A.

Committee Member(s)

Sarangapani, Jagannathan, 1965-
Balakrishnan, S. N.
Landers, Robert G.
Yucelen, Tansel


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering


The author would like to acknowledge the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq (HCED-Iraq) for granting a scholarship to study at Missouri S&T. Also, the author would like to acknowledge the financial support from the National Science Foundation (CMMI- 1229701) and the Intelligent Systems Center (ISC) at Missouri S&T.

This work is supported by the National Science Foundation, CMMI-1229701.

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Intelligent Systems Center


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Spring 2018

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  • Uniform ultimate boundedness of probe-on-probe dynamics in dual-probe atomic force microscopy
  • Statics of probe-on-probe interaction in dual-probe atomic force microscopy
  • Iterative learning control of z-axis nano stage with stochastic noise


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