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Qizi Zhang


"In this study, several new applications of quantum-inspired techniques are presented to advance the state of the art in decision making. In the first part, a quantum boost scheme for multiple-model filters based on extended Grover’s algorithm is presented for fault detection and parameter estimation. The quantum boost scheme accelerates the convergence of the posterior probabilities in the multiple-model filter. Stability proofs for the quantum boost scheme is presented and its performance is analyzed using benchmark examples. In the second part, the scope of application is extended to modeling human decision making. The open quantum system cognition model is applied to a case of drive-assist system where the car needs to mitigate inattentiveness of the human driver. The interaction between the car and the driver is modeled and analyzed with game theory. Moreover, the concept of equilibrium in traditional game theory is extended so that the player is not necessarily rational. Analytical solutions of the open quantum model are derived and various equilibrium points are analyzed. Note that most real-world decision making problems involve multiple people reaching a consensus after group discussion. Since the cognition of each individual has been shown to have features violating classical probability, a quantum walk model is developed to model the group decision making process and the idea propagation in social network. The traditional quantum walk solely built on unitary operators are symmetric. However, the interactions between agents in a social network are not symmetric and the influence may even by unidirectional. To overcome this constraint, the quantum walk is lifted, i.e., its state is the tensor product of of the original state and the mirrored state, so that the controlled-U gate can be applied to account for asymmetric interactions. The dynamics of idea propagation in the social network with line graph connection and agreement formation in group decision making with ring graph connection are investigated"--Abstract, page v.


Balakrishnan, S. N.

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Nadendla, V. Sriram Siddhardh
Adekpedjou, Akim
Busemeyer, Jerome R.
Krishnamurthy, K.
Zhang, Yanzhi


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Ph. D. in Aerospace Engineering


The authors would like to thank Air Force Office of Scientific Research for supporting this research with grant AFOSR FA9550-15-1-0343. Although


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2021

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  • Fault detection and adaptive parameter estimation with quantum inspired techniques and multiple-model filters
  • Strategic driver-assist systems to mitigate inattention in drivers with open-quantum cognition models
  • A quantum walk model for idea propagation in social network and group decision making


xiii, 117 pages

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