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Julia Morgan


"There is an increasing demand for renewable energy and consumers need more procurement options to meet their needs. Energy sharing provides a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace where prosumer electricity is redistributed to fellow energy-sharing community participants. This redistribution of prosumer electricity provides consumers with additional electricity suppliers, while also decreasing the load on the utility company. Though significant progress has been made regarding research and implementation of energy sharing, there is still room for growth when evaluating energy-sharing communities and defining appropriate community coordination based on end-user needs. The first contribution in this work identified nine characteristics of energy-sharing communities as a decentralized complex adaptive system of systems (DCASoS). Considering each characteristic before determining community coordination is vital to ensure ample participation within the energy-sharing community. The second contribution was the exploration of a two-stage stochastic programming model as an alternative to the classic energy distribution business model. The third contribution compares three behavioral theories to identify the best fitting model to predict interest in participating in an energysharing community. This research provides companies with foundational knowledge to develop an energy-sharing community that both fulfills end-user satisfaction and increases robustness of electricity distribution business models"--Abstract, page iv.


Canfield, Casey I.

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Dagli, Cihan H., 1949-
Long, Suzanna, 1961-
Corns, Steven
Bo, Rui


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Ph. D. in Systems Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2021

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  • Energy sharing community as a decentralized complex adaptive system of systems
  • Modeling and understanding energy sharing communities: A system of systems approach
  • Energy sharing: A literature and current project review
  • Comparing behavioral theories to predict consumer interest to participate in energy sharing


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