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Jun Liu


"Modified asphalt binders and mixtures have been used more in recent years in Alaska. However, there has not been systematic characterization and performance data development for these materials. This study intends to systematically characterize the Alaskan asphalt binders and mixtures and identify the performance benefits of these materials through laboratory tests and field sections monitoring. The research contains five sections: 1) a comprehensive characterization on the morphologies, chemical and rheological properties of modified asphalt binders and mechanical properties of asphalt mixtures with these modified asphalt binders. The lab testing results were further confirmed through field surveys of recent paving projects constructed in Alaska and data from pavement sections in long-term pavement performance database. 2) an investigation on the applicability of the multiple stress creep recovery (MSCR) tests to evaluate the rutting resistance of Alaskan modified asphalt binders. Within the scope of the study, significance of MSCR key testing factors was assessed through four test methods with different testing protocols and procedures. 3) an evaluation of cracking susceptibility of Alaskan modified asphalt binders using various chemical and rheological indices. 4) an investigation on the connections between the chemical changes by oxidation with the rheological parameters. 5) A study to characterize the fatigue behaviors of the Alaskan highly polymerized asphalt binders using newly developed linear amplitude sweep (LAS) test with viscoelastic continuum damage (VECD) model"--Abstract, page iv.


Liu, Jenny

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Wang, Yuhong
Bai, Baojun
Feys, Dimitri
Ma, Hongyan


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Ph. D. in Civil Engineering


This study was funded by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) and Center for Environmentally Sustainable Transportation in Cold Climates (CESTiCC). The authors gratefully acknowledge the ADOT&PF and CESTiCC for their financial support.


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2021

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  • Characterization of highly polymerized Alaskan asphalt binders and mixtures
  • Evaluation of multiple stress creep recovery test on Alaskan asphalt binders
  • Evaluation of cracking susceptibility of Alaskan polymer modified asphalt binders using chemical and rheological indices
  • Chemical aging indices and rheological parameters for cracking susceptibility evaluation of Alaskan polymer modified asphalt binders
  • Fatigue characterizations of highly polymerized asphalt binders using linear amplitude sweep test


xiv, 191 pages

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