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Tianze Zhang

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Ant Tracking; AVO; Fault Imaging; Pre-stack Simultaneous Inversion; Reservoir Characterization; Rock Physics


"Fault imaging technique and reservoir characterization based on rock physics analysis and pre-stack inversion has been widely used hydrocarbon exploration. For the fault imaging technique, the ant tracking has been widely used in fault interpretation. However, the reliability of the results is highly dependent on appropriately choosing a signal processing method and volume attributes. In our study area, which lies in the southern Taranaki Basin, we applied Graphic Equalizer as the processing tool and the Chaos attribute before running the ant tracking algorithm. Results show that the procedure provides a better result and can map both the major and minor faults more efficiently than the conventional fault interpretation procedure. For the reservoir characterization study, we use the Lower Wilcox strata which has been proven to be a good quality reservoir along the Central Gulf Coast of Texas. While the complexity of its sedimentary environment makes it hard to locate the isolated productive sand accurately. We carry out the rock physics analyses to provide a better understanding of the reservoir properties. Bulk density, P-wave velocity, and elastic moduli are extracted from four wells for analyzing the depth and temperature effects on compaction. A combination of three effective medium models is used for cement volume diagnostics. For the further reservoir characterization, we conduct the pre-stack seismic inversion with seven wells constrained. Our inversion results show a successful delineation of the reservoir using the Vp/Vs and S-Impedance values"--Abstract, page iv.


Liu, Kelly H.
Gao, Stephen S.

Committee Member(s)

Obrist-Farner, Jonathan
Imqam, Abdulmohsin
Li, Tingting


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

Degree Name

Ph. D. in Geology and Geophysics


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Fall 2019

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Fault visualization enhancement using ant tracking technique and its application in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
  • Compaction and cement volume analyses of the Lower Wilcox sandstone along the Texas Gulf Coast
  • Pre-stack simultaneous inversion for petrophysical properties of the Lower Wilcox erosional remnant sandstone along the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain
  • Pre-stack simultaneous inversion for delineation of the Lower Wilcox erosional remnant sandstone beneath the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain


xiv, 110 pages

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Taranaki, New Zealand; Gulf Coast Texas


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T 11731

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