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Yani Lin

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Canyon; Depositional Facies; Seismic Attribute; Stratigraphic Correlation


"The sandstone deposits in the fluvial-dominated delta systems in the Lower Wilcox Group above the Cretaceous carbonate shelf edges of the Texas Gulf Coast Region are considered as high exploration potential reservoir bodies. However, the multi-phase regression and transgression during the late Paleocene to the early Eocene complicate the local depositional structure. The depositional facies is hard to be identified in details using the traditional seismic stratigraphic interpretation method. Seismic attributes are effective in detecting depositional facies, especially in mapping channels and investigating reservoir characteristics. In this study, we utilize seismic attributes to identify the principal depositional facies in the delta front environment. The major selected attributes are root mean square (RMS) amplitude, instantaneous phase, waveform classification, and spectral decomposition. The stratal slicing technology is utilized to better image the complex depositional systems. The lateral variations of depositional facies inside the canyon-fill sequence are further recognized by stratigraphic correlation from the well log data. After integrating the seismic attributes with stratigraphic correlation, we successfully identify the underwater distributary channels, the channel-margin levee, the debris fan deposits, and the mounded turbidite lobes in the incised canyon system. Identification of such depositional facies provides a significant constraint on predicting the distribution of the reservoir sand. We speculate that the potential reservoirs mainly exist in the vicinity of the canyon mouth, and the sandstones sliding along underwater channels inside the canyon system also have high exploration potential"--Abstract, page iv.


Liu, Kelly H.

Committee Member(s)

Gao, Stephen S.
Flori, Ralph E.
Anderson, Neil L. (Neil Lennart), 1954-
Li, Tingting


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Ph. D. in Geology and Geophysics


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Fall 2019

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Identification of a shelf-edge submarine canyon using seismic and spectral decomposition in the central Gulf Coast region of Texas
  • Hydrocarbon accumulation analysis by reconstructing the canyon-fill sequence using seismic stratigraphic interpretation in the central Gulf Coastal plain of Texas
  • Identification of depositional facies in the lithologic reservoir in the Wilcox group using seismic multi-attributes with stratal slicing method in the central Gulf Coast region of Texas


xiii, 81 pages

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Gulf Coast Texas


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