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Differential Sticking; Managed Pressure Drilling; Mechanics Earth Modeling; Proactive Drilling System; Real-Time Monitoring System; Stuck Pipe


"During drilling operations for the E oilfield in the Mishrif formation in southern Iraq, stuck pipe and differential sticking have been identified as significant geomechanical and drilling problems for several deviated wells. In this work, an integrated approach with three phases is presented to serve as a proactive geo-drilling system to prevent wellbore instability. In the first phase, a comprehensive geomechanical assessment of the Mishrif formation has been carried out to evaluate the in-situ stresses, maximum horizontal stress orientation, pore pressure, rock properties, and rock strength parameters. Moreover, the geomechanical evaluation has been incorporated into the mud design using three rock failure criteria: the Mohr-Coulomb, Mogi-Coulomb, and Modified Lade. In the second phase, the feasibility of using managed pressure drilling (MPD) in oilfield E (the Mishrif formation with a narrow mud window between collapse pressure and differential sticking) has been evaluated. MPD provides the fully automated capability to maintain nearly constant bottomhole pressure by varying the surface backpressure, thus compensating for pressure fluctuations during drilling operations. The MPD approach yields several operational benefits, such as increasing rate of penetration, managing surge and swab related pressure fluctuations, and maintaining hole cleaning efficiency, which helps prevent stuck pipe. In the third phase of this work, the geomechanical model, well geometry, the hydraulic model, and drilling parameters sensitivity on the stresses, distribution around the wellbore and the mud design are combined as inputs to a novel image processing approach to estimate the collapse volume. This approach can help the drilling operation engineers in evaluating the mud weight effect on stuck pipe problems in real time based on the estimated collapse volume and the drilling system hole cleaning efficiency"--Abstract, page iv.


Flori, Ralph E.

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Eckert, Andreas
Dunn-Norman, Shari
Wei, Mingzhen
Hendrix, Rickey


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Ph. D. in Petroleum Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Fall 2018

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  • Case study of wellbore stability evaluation for the Mishrif formation, Iraq
  • A proactive managed pressure drilling system to prevent stuck pipe and differential sticking in the Mishrif formation, southern Iraq
  • A collapse volume log estimation based on image processing


xiii, 108 pages

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Southern Iraq


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Dissertation - Open Access

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