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Construction management; Construction performance; Multi-attribute decision making; Project delivery method; Project management; US construction industry


"Choosing the most appropriate project delivery method (PDM) available is acknowledged as a crucial issue in the construction industry. Both the choice and application of an unsuitable PDM can result in project failure. Likewise, the selection of a suitable PDM can increase the chance for project success. A method of selecting from among the seven PDMs recognized by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) was created in an attempt to address this issue.

This research was comprised of three objectives. The first objective was to determine the influential factors needed to select the appropriate PDMs available to the US construction industry. The importance of each influential factor was also examined to determine whether or not significant differences exist between the following: both public and private sectors, project contractual parties, and various regions across the US. An empirical survey was conducted to gather this information throughout the US construction industry. The relative performance and suitability of PDMs for the different conditions involved in building constructions were evaluated as part of the second objective. Another empirical survey was conducted in the US construction industry to help with this evaluation. The performance and suitability of each PDM was examined with respect to 36 project criterion. The information was analyzed to create a decision support model for the PDM selection. This research used the early engagement of experts' opinions in the modeling of multi-attribute decision making (MADM). A decision support model was established by linking together the Conjunctive Satisficing Method and the TOPSIS decision making approach, and applying them to the PDM selection. The face validation method, with a subset of the surveyed professionals, was used to validate the model.

The results gathered from this research provide both the project owners and the decision makers with a framework that can be used to evaluate a project's priorities and delivery options. A practical tool was also created that utilizes the expertise needed to make critical decisions without the physical existence of an expert panel. Applying the provided MADM model to the selection of a PDM allows the decision maker to choose the best alternative promoting a building construction project's success"--Abstract, page iv.


Showalter, W. Eric

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Murray, Susan L.
Qin, Ruwen
Smith, Brian Keith
ElGawady, Mohamed


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Ph. D. in Engineering Management


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Spring 2015

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  • Influential factors for selecting a project delivery method in the US construction industry
  • Performance and suitability of project delivery methods for various conditions of building construction
  • Engagement of expert opinions in the modeling of multi-attribute decision making for project delivery method selection of building construction


xi, 124 pages

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