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Coupling Path; Electrostatic Discharge (ESD); EMI Mitigation; Energy Parcel; Shielding Effectiveness; Triboelectric Charging


"This dissertation is composed of five papers. In the first three papers, triboelectric charging, which is the underlying cause of most electrostatic discharge (ESD), during daily human activities in data centers such as well-defined pattern walking, random walking, standing up from a chair, and taking off a sweater is investigated. Further, the effect of environmental condition (temperature and relative humidity), the footwear, and flooring material in building the static voltage and the discharge process are studied.

In the fourth paper, triboelectric charge generation on the glass is investigated during the glass transportation by roller conveyor systems in display manufacturing. The underlying parameters that affect the static charging on both glass and rollers consisting of roller material, roller radius, transfer velocity, transfer acceleration, traveling distance, and relative humidity are explored.

The fifth paper focuses on the shielding effectiveness (SE) of quad form-factor pluggable (QSFP) interconnections cages with heatsinks, which are often only optimized for thermal, mechanical, and volume manufacturing. Energy parcels and their trajectory concept are applied to electromagnetic waves (EM) to visualize the coupling paths in a QSFP cage with a rising heatsink. The rising heatsink creates a new coupling path for EM waves to leak to the cage and emit from the routers/switches chassis faceplate. An EMI mitigation technique is introduced and its performance is evaluated with SE measurement for the frequency of 1-40 GHz with and without the active operational of 40 Gbps optical module in a dual reverberation chamber"--Abstract, page iv.


Pommerenke, David

Committee Member(s)

Drewniak, James L.
Fan, Jun, 1971-
Khilkevich, Victor
Kim, Ki-Hyuk


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Spring 2018

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Dependence of ESD charge voltage on humidity in data centers (Part 1, Test methods)
  • Dependence of ESD charge voltage on humidity in data centers (Part 2, Data analysis)
  • Effect of human activities and environmental conditions on electrostatic charging
  • Triboelectric charging between display glass panels and dissipative/insulative rollers
  • Shielding effectiveness, coupling path, and EMI mitigation for QSFP cages with heatsink


xvii, 142 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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T 11322

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