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Advanced Composite; FRCM; FRP; Out-Of-Plane; Reinforced Masonry; Strengthening


"A number of researchers have conducted experimental tests on unreinforced masonry walls (URM) strengthened with advanced composite materials. Consequently, the strengthening design guidelines are limited in their scope to URM. This research aimed to investigate the behavior of reinforced masonry walls strengthened with advanced composite and subjected to out-of-plane pseudo-static cyclic load. Experimental and analytical studies were conducted to evaluate the performance of different techniques such as near surface mounted (NSM) and externally bonded (EB) fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) with epoxy resin, in addition to NSM with cementitious adhesive and fiber reinforced cementitious material (FRCM). The experimental part included three phases. In the first phase, a series of 42 reinforced masonry walls were tested to study the effectiveness of advanced composites in enhancing out-of-plane flexural capacity. The effect of long-term environmental exposure on strengthening systems was investigated in the second phase of study by testing 10 reinforced masonry walls. The third phase focused on bond behavior between the advanced composite and the concrete masonry unit at different temperatures; 56 specimens were used for this purpose. The results indicated that the non-arching strengthened reinforced masonry wall's behavior was significantly dependent on the type of fiber and fiber reinforcement ratio. The specimens strengthened with glass under combined environmental cycles exhibited an insignificant change in terms of ultimate strength as compared to laboratory conditioned specimens. The theoretical part included the investigation of bond reduction factors, seismic performance, and the nonlinear analysis of strengthened reinforced masonry wall using moment-curvature analysis. As a result of this study, the proposed model for predicting debonding strain and the moment-curvature relation presented an excellent prediction compared to the experimental results"--Abstract, page iv.


Myers, John

Committee Member(s)

ElGawady, Mohamed
Sneed, Lesley
Yan, Guirong Grace
Chandrashekhara, K.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Ph. D. in Civil Engineering


Midwest Block & Brick (Jefferson City, Mo )
Hughes Brothers (Seward, Neb )
Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq
Ruredil S.p.A. (Donato Milanese, Italy)


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Spring 2018

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Out-of-plane flexural behavior of reinforced masonry walls strengthened with NSM FRP
  • Evaluation of FRP and FRCM composites for the strengthening of reinforced masonry walls
  • Pseudo-static cyclic loading comparison of reinforced masonry walls strengthened with FRCM or NSM FRP
  • Experimental and analytical approach for prediction out-of-plane capacity of reinforced masonry walls strengthened with EB-FRP
  • The durability performance of the advanced composite bonded to masonry walls after exposure to environmental conditioning cycles
  • Bond between advanced composite and concrete masonry unit at different temperatures for NSM and EB techniques


xix, 264 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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T 11258

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