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Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed; Heat Transfer Coefficient; Hydrodynamics; Vertical Internals


"This research studied the impact of the dense vertical immersed heat exchanging tubes on the gas and solids hydrodynamic characteristics, flow regime, pressure drop, and heat transfer in a 0.14 m inside diameter gas-solid fluidized bed column of. Two sizes of vertical internal tube bundles (0.0127 and 0.0254 m) of circular arrangement have been implemented to represent the heat exchange tubes covering 25% of the column cross-sectional area. The experimental work was achieved at different operating conditions and various solids particle types that differ in average particle size, solids density, particles shape, and particles sphericity. The experimental measurements were performed using various kinds of measurement techniques such as advanced optical fiber probe for local solids and bubble hydrodynamics measurements, differential pressure transducer for pressure fluctuation measurements, advanced fast response heat transfer probe for local heat transfer coefficient measurements, probe-single ended and probe-differential pressure transducers for measuring the pressure fluctuations and pressure drop inside the bed.

It was found that the immersed vertical tubes have a significant effect on the studied hydrodynamics parameters (solids velocity, solids and gas holdups, bubbles velocity, bubble frequency, and bubble chord length), flow regime, pressure drop and heat transfer coefficients inside the gas-solid fluidized bed. In which, the vertical internals improve the heat transfer performance, increase the heat transfer coefficient, reduce the pressure drop, affect the flow regimes and their transition velocities, as well as enhance the performance of the gas-solid fluidization process by improving the studied local hydrodynamic characteristics"--Abstract, page iv.


Al-Dahhan, Muthanna H.

Committee Member(s)

Park, Joontaek
Barua, Sutapa
Rezaei, Fateme
Isaac, Kakkattukuzhy M.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering


Multiphase Reactors Engineering and Applications Laboratory


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Fall 2017

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • The impact of vertical internals on the key hydrodynamic parameters in a gas-solid fluidized bed using an advance optical fiber probe
  • Heat transfer and hydrodynamics in a gas-solid fluidized bed with vertical immersed internals
  • Flow regimes in gas-solid fluidized bed with vertical internals
  • Effect of vertical internals on the pressure drop in gas-solid fluidized
  • Comparison between the new mechanistic and the chaos scale-up methods for gas-solid fluidized beds


xxvi, 367 pages

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T 11240

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