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Accelerated bridge construction; Composite columns; Hollow-core columns; LS-DYNA; Seismic loading; Vehicle collision


"This study introduces an investigation of the behavior of innovative, resilient, and quickly-constructed hollow-core fiber reinforced polymer-concrete-steel (HC-FCS) bridge columns under extreme loading. The HC-FCS column consists of a concrete wall sandwiched between an outer fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) tube and an inner steel tube. The steel tube was embedded into a reinforced concrete footing with an embedded length of 1.6-1.8 times the diameter of the steel tube. The FRP tube only confined the concrete wall and truncated at the top of the footing level. The hollow steel tube was the only reinforcement for shear and flexure inside the HC-FCS column. The steel and FRP tubes act together as stay-in-place formworks. The results obtained from testing the HCFCS columns under seismic loading have been compared with those from testing the conventional reinforced concrete (RC) column. Results showed that the HC-FCS column exhibited a high lateral drift reaching 15.2%, while the well-detailed solid cross-section RC column reached a drift of 10.9%. The HC-FCS column dissipated energy reaching 1.9 times that of the RC column. A simple analytical model and preliminary design guidelines were presented to help implement this new technology. Vehicle collision with RC and HC-FCS bridge columns was also presented in this study using LS-DYNA software. The first equation for estimating the equivalent static force of the vehicle collision, based on the vehicle's mass and velocity, was developed. This approach will allow departments of transportation (DOTs) to design different bridge columns for different impact force demands depending on the anticipated truck loads and velocities from roads survey. In general, the peak dynamic force values of the HC-FCS columns were lower than those of the RC columns when they were subjected to vehicle collision, which could save lives and reduce damage to the bridge column and the vehicle"--Abstract, page v.


ElGawady, Mohamed

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LaBoube, Roger A.
Khayat, Kamal
Sneed, Lesley
Chandrashekhara, K.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Ph. D. in Civil Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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  • Behavior of hollow-core FRP concrete-steel columns under static cyclic axial compressive loading
  • Analytical and finite-element modeling of FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns
  • Behavior of hollow-core FRP-concrete-steel columns under static cyclic flexural loading
  • Seismic performance of innovative hollow-core FRP-concrete-steel bridge columns
  • Hollow-core FRP-concrete-steel tubular columns subjected to seismic loading
  • Analyses of reinforced concrete bridge columns subjected to vehicle collisions
  • Hollow-core FRP-concrete-steel bridge columns subjected to vehicle collision


xxvi, 419 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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T 11136

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