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Dynamic equations


"This thesis consists of 6 papers that investigate models in economics and finance based on so-called dynamic equations on time scales. The first paper covers multiplier-accelerator models that can be described by linear second-order dynamic equations. The possibility of taxes as well as the possibility of foreign trade is taken into consideration. The second paper discusses cobweb models, which describe cyclical supply and demand in markets, where the supply is determined before the observation of the price. Cobweb models that can be formulated with first-order linear, second-order linear, and nonlinear dynamic equations are being considered. The third and fourth papers cover the Solow model on dynamic equations. In the third paper, the Cobb-Douglas production function is developed on time scales and the solution of the dynamic equation that governs the model by choosing the production function to be the generalized Cobb-Douglas production function is provided. The fourth paper includes some stability results as well as some uniqueness and existence theorems of solutions of the models. Also provided are some important properties of the production function on time scales. The fifth paper discusses the interrelation between inflation and unemployment. The model that consists of the Phillips relation, the adaptive expectations equation, and the monetary policy equation on time scales is given and a necessary and sufficient condition for the convergence of the solution is presented. The sixth paper covers money flows on time scales. In this paper, certain present and future values are seen as the solution of linear first-order initial value problems. These results are applied to the Gordon growth model and to the mathematics of insurance, where certain present values are used to calculate premiums of particular insurances"--Abstract, page iv.


Bohner, Martin, 1966-

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Adekpedjou, Akim
Akin, Elvan
Gelles, Gregory M.
Jentschura, Ulrich D.


Mathematics and Statistics

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Ph. D. in Mathematics


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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  • Multiplier-accelerator models on time scales.
  • Linear and nonlinear cobweb models on time scales.
  • Solow models on time scales.
  • Qualitative analysis of the Solow model on time scales.
  • Phillips curve phenomena on time scales.
  • Mathematics and finance and insurance on time scales.


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Economics -- Mathematical models
Finance -- Mathematical models

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