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3 Body; 4 Body; Differential Cross Section; Electron Impact; Ionization; Ionization Excitation


"In the last few decades, the study of atomic collisions by electron-impact has made significant advances. The most difficult case to study is electron impact ionization of molecules for which many approximations have to be made and the validity of these approximations can only be checked by comparing with experiment.

In this thesis, I have examined the Molecular three-body distorted wave (M3DW) or Molecular four-body distorted wave (M4DW) approximations for electron-impact ionization. These models use a fully quantum mechanical approach where all particles are treated quantum mechanically and the post collision interaction (PCI) is treated to all orders of perturbation. These electron impact ionization collisions play central roles in the physics and chemistry of upper atmosphere, biofuel, the operation of discharges and lasers, radiation induced damage in biological material like damage to DNA by secondary electrons, and plasma etching processes.

For the M3DW model, I will present results for electron impact single ionization of small molecules such as Water, Ethane, and Carbon Dioxide and the much larger molecules Tetrahydrofuran, phenol, furfural, 1-4 Benzoquinone. I will also present results for the four-body problem in which there are two target electrons involved in the collision. M4DW results will be presented for dissociative excitation-ionization of orientated D2. I will show that M4DW calculations using a variational wave function for the ground state that included s- and p- orbital states give better agreement to the experimental measurements than a ground state approximated as a product of two 1s-type Dyson orbitals"--Abstract, page iv.


Madison, Don H.

Committee Member(s)

Peacher, Jerry
Schulz, Michael, 1959-
Fischer, Daniel
Dawes, Richard



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Ph. D. in Physics


Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)
Australian Research Council. Centre of Excellence for Antimatter-Matter Studies
National Science Foundation (U.S.)
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC)
Texas Advanced Computing Center
United States. National Nuclear Security Administration


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Spring 2017

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Triply differential (e,2e) studies of phenol
  • Comparison of experimental and theoretical electron-impact triple differential cross sections for ethane
  • Electron- and photon-impact ionization of furfural
  • Comparison of experimental and theoretical triple differential cross sections for the single ionization of CO2 (1πg) by electron impact
  • Experimental and theoretical triple differential cross sections tetrahydrofuran ionized by low-energy 26-eV electron-impact
  • Electron impact ionization dynamics of para-benzoquinone
  • Electron-impact ionization of H2O at low projectile energy: Internormalized triple-differential cross sections in three-dimensional kinematics
  • Experimental and theoretical cross sections for molecular-frame electron-impact excitation-ionization of D2
  • Fully differential cross sections for electron-impact excitation-ionization of aligned D2
  • Experimental and theoretical study of electron-impact ionization plus excitation of aligned H2


xv, 212 pages

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