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"There are many potential benefits to the mining industry accruing from the application of algal biotechnology. The main benefits are in the production of biodiesel and in the remediation of mining brownfields. The research in this study was centered in the original idea that these brownfields represent a tremendous opportunity for use as a hybrid model for redevelopment into sustainable "mines" of biomass. The ability of these underground spaces serving as bioreactors to control all aspects of the growing environment, from lighting, to temperature, to biosecurity, are key advantages that have been identified in the literature. The many benefits inherent in sequestering the growth of phototrophic, halotolerant, eukaryotic, green microalgae within underground mining spaces mitigates many of the recognized shortcomings of current commercial-industrial models for algae culture. The singular challenge to the entire model was the effective production of light energy and fostering maximum photosynthetic efficiency within the microalgae. As a result, the focus on the experimental laboratory work concentrated on the development of tools and techniques for evaluation of different lighting regimes with an algae species chosen from a family with an industrial-commercial pedigree. The fundamental experimental work with the microalgae Dunaliella viridis revealed a novel and unforeseen aspect of experiments with monochromatic light sources. The results demonstrated surprising and potentially beneficial morphology changes as a result of the lighting treatments. Capitalization on these benefits in the proposed hybrid model were then examined in a collection of proposed future experiments, sustainability analysis, and fundamental economic analysis"--Abstract, page iii.


Alagha, Lana Z.
Mormile, Melanie R.

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Frimpong, Samuel
Awuah-Offei, Kwame, 1975-
Niyogi, Dev


Mining Engineering

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Ph. D. in Mining Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2016


xx, 258 pages

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Includes bibliographic references (pages 232-257).


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Dissertation - Open Access

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Biomass energy
Algae -- Biotechnology

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T 10929

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