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Jingjing Qing

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Austenite; Ductile Iron; Electron Microscopy; Solidification; Spheroidal Graphite Growth; Statistical Analysis


"Evolutions of austenite and nodular/spheroidal graphite particles during solidifications of ductile irons were experimentally investigated. Spheroidal graphite particle and austenite dendrite were found nucleated independently in liquid. Austenite dendrite engulfed the spheroidal graphite particles after contact and an austenite shell formed around a spheroidal graphite particle. The graphite diameter at which the austenite shell closed around nodule was determined. Statistically determined graphite size distributions indicated multiple graphite nucleation events during solidification.

Structures in a graphite nodule varied depending on the growth stages of the nodule in ductile iron. Curved graphene layers appearing as faceted growth ledges swept circumferentially around the surface of a graphite nodule at early growth stages. Mismatches between the growth fronts created gaps which divided a nodule into radially oriented conical substructures (3-D). Columnar substructure was observed in the periphery of a nodule (formed during the intermediate growth stages) on its 2-D cross section. A columnar substructure consisted of parallel peripheral grains, with their c-axes approximately parallel. Graphene layers continued building up in individual conical substructure, and a graphite nodule increased its size accordingly.

Method for characterizing the crystal structures of graphite based on the selected area diffraction pattern was developed. Both hexagonal structure and rhombohedral structure were found in the spheroidal graphite particles. Possible crystallographic defects associated with hexagonal-rhombohedral structure transition were discussed. Schematic models for introducing tilt angles to the graphite lattice with basal plane tilt boundaries were constructed"--Abstract, page iv.


Richards, Von

Committee Member(s)

Van Aken, David C.
Lekakh, S. N. (Semen Naumovich)
Miller, F. Scott, 1956-
Medvedeva, Julia E.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Ph. D. in Materials Science and Engineering


Wolf Professorship of Metal Casting
Missouri University of Science and Technology. Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2016

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  • Chemical compositions (wt.%) of the iron alloys used in two heats
  • Chemical composition (wt.%) of ductile iron alloy studied
  • Chemical compositions (wt.%) of the iron alloys
  • Examples of changing stacking sequences by introducing partial dislocations


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Iron alloys -- Ductility
Iron, Nodular

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T 10925

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