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Yichen Liang

Keywords and Phrases

Holography; Image Correction; Photoconductive; Photorefractive; Semiconductor Nanocrystals


"Organic photorefractive (PR) composites have recently emerged as an important class of materials for applications including high-density data storage, optical communication, and biomedical imaging. In an effort to further improve their performance, this study focused on the utilization of functionalized semiconductor nanocrystals to photosensitize triaryamine (TPD)-based PR composites, as well as the application of TPD-based PR composites in the restoration of aberrated optical information. A novel approach to functionalize CdSe quantum dot (QCdSe) was firstly introduced where the sulfonated triarydiamine (STPD) was used as charge-transporting ligand to passivate QCdSe. TPD-based photoconductive and PR composites were photosensitized with the STPD-passivated QCdSe (SQCdSe). Due to the charge-transporting capability of STPD, the composites photosensitized with STPD-capped QCdSe exhibited superior performance relative to composites employing more traditional photosensitizers (such as fullerene C60 and trioctylphosphine-capped QCdSe), with figures-of-merit including photoconductivities in excess of 60 pS/cm, two-beam coupling gain coefficients in excess of 110 cm-1, and PR response time of less than 30 ms. In addition, the ability of TPD-based PR composites to correct aberrations associated with a laser beam was described. Here, a severely aberrated laser beam was able to be restored to a nearly unaberrated condition through the PR process, and the potential of this technique for practical applications was well explained. Based on the current experimental geometry, a PR response time of 0.5 s was observed, which is the fastest PR response time reported for a PR composite operating under experimental conditions designed for the correction of optical aberrations"--Abstract, page iv.


Winiarz, Jeffrey G.

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Gao, Jie
Ma, Yinfa
Reddy, Prakash
Switzer, Jay A., 1950-



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Ph. D. in Chemistry


Missouri Research Board
Missouri University of Science and Technology. Materials Research Center
Missouri University of Science and Technology. Department of Chemistry


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Spring 2016

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Functionalization of CdSe semiconductor nanocrystals with organic charge-transporting ligands
  • Enhancement in the photorefractive performance of organic composites photosensitized with functionalized CdSe quantum dots
  • Practical correction of a phase-aberrated laser beam using a TPD-based photorefractive composite


xiii, 100 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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Photorefractive materials
Semiconductor nanocrystals
Image processing -- Digital techniques
Image reconstruction

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T 10918

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