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Xuhui Lu


"The purpose of this research was to develop dielectric films for high energy density capacitor applications. Also desired was to develop a deeper understanding of dielectric breakdown and electric energy storage related phenomena through simulation, theoretical analysis, and experimental investigation.

An analytical model incorporating Weibull dielectric strength statistics was developed to establish quantitative relationships between material properties and device performance of self-healing capacitors. The model is useful for designing high voltage capacitors and developing dielectric materials where the effects of electric field-dependent permittivity need to be considered.

In the experimental work, solution-cast poly(vinylidene difluoride) (PVDF) homopolymer PVDF films with high breakdown strength were fabricated and studied for the application of high voltage, single section winding, self-healing capacitors. The quantitative correlations between thermal annealing conditions, electrical properties, and performance were investigated.

For the computer simulation work, the electric field distribution, field and power density enhancement factors, power loss, and stored electric energy of dielectric composites were calculated using the boundary element method (BEM). The composite structures consisted of a low permittivity host containing spherical inclusions that have functionally graded dielectric permittivities or electrical conductivities.

Preliminary experimental work has also been conducted to investigate the effects of polymer blending on Wei bull dielectric strength and other energy storage properties of PVDF"--Abstract, page iv.


Huebner, Wayne
Schwartz, Robert W.

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Hilmas, Greg
OKeefe, Matt
DuBroff, Richard E.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Ph. D. in Materials Science and Engineering


United States. Office of Naval Research
United States. Army
United States. Air Force


Financial support through a MURI program sponsored by Office of Naval Research (Grant No. N000-14-05-1-0541)


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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  • Design optimization of high energy density dielectrics using Weibull dielectric strength parameters
  • Effects of processing conditions on the dielectric strength and energy storage properties of solution-derived PVDF films
  • Modeling permittivity and conductivity contrast on electric energy storage properties of dielectric composites


xiv, 158 pages

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Dielectric films
Energy storage
Dielectrics -- Mathematical models

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