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MATLAB; Modelling; PVT; Solar; Thermal Systems; TRNSYS


A photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) panel was constructed, tested, and modelled using both MATLAB and TRNSYS. During the experimental testing, which took place on the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus in Rolla, Missouri; two identical PVT panels were tested alongside two PV panels to gather an electrical baseline for comparison. Approximately 69 days’ worth of data were of data were collected during the summer of 2014. The PV electrical, PVT electrical, PVT thermal and PVT combined (electrical and thermal) efficiencies were 3.5-5.6%, 3.4-5.4%, 20.9-11.6%, and 24.3-17.0%, respectively.

A MATLAB program was developed using existing equations for one-dimensional, quasi-steady model of a photovoltaic-thermal panel, and was used calculate and calibrate PVT panel properties. The MATLAB simulated PVT panel and experimental PVT panel were compared and had thermal output percent errors of less than 1% after the calibration of thermal properties. The TRNSYS program was used to simulate the experimental PVT panels using existing components, which included the Type 50d, 250 and 560, within simple and complex system configurations and using experimentally collected data and standard TMY2 weather file. The electrical, thermal and combined efficiencies for the Type 50d using experimental weather were 5.8% (7.4% error), 9.8% (15.5% error) and 15.5% (8.8% error), respectively. The electrical, thermal and combined efficiencies for the Type 250 using experimental weather were 2.6% (51.9% error), 9.8% (15.5% error), and 12.3% (27.6% error), respectively. The electrical, thermal and combined efficiencies for the Type 560 using experimental weather were 4.4% (18.5 error), 7.4% (36.2% error), and 11.3% (33.5% error), respectively. "--Abstract, page iii.


Baur, Stuart Werner, 1965-

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Choi, Joon-Ho
Homan, Kelly
Kimball, Jonathan W.
Showalter, William E.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Ph. D. in Civil Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Summer 2015


xv, 296 pages

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Includes bibliographic references (pages 290-295).


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Dissertation - Open Access

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Photovoltaic cells -- Testing
Solar cells -- Design
Building-integrated photovoltaic systems

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T 10751

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