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Quanmin Ye


"Wireless networks are undergoing rapid progress and inspiring numerous applications. As the application of wireless networks becomes broader, they are expected to not only provide ubiquitous connectivity, but also support end users with certain service guarantees.

End-to-end delay is an important Quality of Service (QoS) metric in multihop wireless networks. This dissertation addresses how to minimize end-to-end delay through joint optimization of network layer routing and link layer scheduling. Two cross-layer schemes, a loosely coupled cross-layer scheme and a tightly coupled cross-layer scheme, are proposed. The two cross-layer schemes involve interference modeling in multihop wireless networks with omnidirectional antenna. In addition, based on the interference model, multicast schedules are optimized to minimize the total end-to-end delay.

Throughput is another important QoS metric in wireless networks. This dissertation addresses how to leverage the spatial multiplexing function of MIMO links to improve wireless network throughput. Wireless interference modeling of a half-duplex MIMO node is presented. Based on the interference model, routing, spatial multiplexing, and scheduling are jointly considered in one optimization model. The throughput optimization problem is first addressed in constant bit rate networks and then in variable bit rate networks. In a variable data rate network, transmitters can use adaptive coding and modulation schemes to change their data rates so that the data rates are supported by the Signal to Noise and Interference Ratio (SINR). The problem of achieving maximum throughput in a millimeter-wave wireless personal area network is studied"--Abstract, page iv.


Cheng, Maggie Xiaoyan

Committee Member(s)

Liu, Xiaoqing Frank
Erçal, Fikret
Jiang, Wei
Gosavi, Abhijit


Computer Science

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Ph. D. in Computer Science


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Summer 2014

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Cross-layer schemes for reducing delay in multihop wireless networks
  • Transmission scheduling based on a new conflict graph model for multicast in multihop wireless networks
  • Simultaneous routing and multiplexing in ad hoc networks with MIMO links
  • A combinatorial solution for scheduling spatial multiplexing in MIMO-based ad hoc networks
  • Rate-adaptive concurrent transmission scheduling in 60-GHz mm-wave WPANs


xii, 121 pages

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Cross-layer designs (Telecommunications) -- Wireless communication systems
Wireless Internet
MIMO systems.

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T 10541

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