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Vaibhav Sinha

Keywords and Phrases

Medical Imaging; Neutron Imaging; Radiation Detection and Instrumentation; X-ray Imaging


"Visualizing the three dimensional structure of objects (e.g. nuclear fuel, nuclear materials, explosives and bio materials) and phenomena (e.g. particle tracking) can be very important in nondestructive testing applications. Computed tomography systems are indispensable tools for these types of applications because they provide a versatile non-destructive technique for analysis. A novel neutron and X-ray combined computed tomography (NXCT) system has been designed and developed at the Missouri University of Science & Technology. The neutron and X-ray combined computed tomography system holds much promise for non-destructive material detection and analysis where multiple materials having similar atomic number and differing thermal cross section or vice versa may be present within an object, exclusive neutron or X-ray analysis may exhibit shortcomings in distinguishing interfaces. However, fusing neutron image and X-ray image offers the strengths of both and may provide a superior method of analysis. In addition, a feasible design of a sample positioning system which allows the user to remotely and automatically manipulate the objects makes the NXCT system viable for commercial applications. Moreover, characterization of the newly developed digital imaging system is imperative to the performance evaluation, as well as for describing the associated parameters. The performance of a combined neutron/X-ray digital imaging system was evaluated in terms of modulation transfer function (MTF), noise power spectrum (NPS) and detective quantum efficiency (DQE). This dissertation is a complete overview of the design of the NXCT system, operation, algorithms, performance evaluation and results"--Abstract, page iii.


Lee, Hyoung-Koo

Committee Member(s)

Liu, Xin (Mining & Nuclear Engr)
Castano Giraldo, Carlos Henry
Alajo, Ayodeji Babatunde
Al-Dahhan, Muthanna H.


Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science

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Ph. D. in Nuclear Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Publication Date

Fall 2013


xiv, 96 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 89-95).


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Dissertation - Open Access

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Diagnostic imaging -- Design and construction
Nondestructive testing
Image processing -- Digital techniques

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T 10419

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