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Capacity of an optical channel


"Light transmission through photo-sensitive multi-mode fibers (MMF) with controlled volume disorder is investigated. Experiment shows that a segment of disordered MMF as short as 10 cm is sufficient to distribute power uniformly over all co-propagating modes and the intensity at the output surface of the fiber follows the Rayleigh negative exponential function. To explain the experimental findings, a comprehensive theoretical model is developed with three main results. First, statistical properties of all components of the dielectric tensor are obtained and analyzed in the framework a microscopical model of photo-sensitivity in a germano-silicate glasses. Secondly, it is shown that induced birefringence is insufficient to explain mode mixing, and that cross-polarization mode coupling is essential. Such a coupling is shown to originate from the spatial correlation in the off-diagonal elements of the dielectric tensor. Third, a hybrid theory to describe propagation in a fiber with a spatially correlated disorder is developed. The proposed theory treats the deterministic part of the light via coupled-amplitude equations, and the randomly-phased component with coupled-power equations. The complete theory developed in this work has a predictive power -- it can guide the design of an artificial disorder based on the desired transmission properties of the fiber. Experiment shows that mixing all co-propagating modes can, indeed, be attained in a short segment of a suitably designed disordered MMF without a prohibitive loss. Such fibers can be useful for e.g. maximizing the information capacity multi-mode fiber links"--Abstract, page v.


Yamilov, Alexey

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Peacher, Jerry
Zheng, Y. Rosa
Story, J. Greg
Gao, Jie



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Ph. D. in Physics


University of Missouri Research Board
National Science Foundation (U.S.)


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2013

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  • Fabrication, characterization and theoretical analysis of controlled disorder in the core of the optical fibers
  • Artificially disordered birefringent optical fibers
  • Investigation of mode coupling in optical fiber with controlled volume disorder


79 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 73-78).


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Dissertation - Open Access

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Optical fibers -- Analysis
Dielectrics -- Optical properties
Order-disorder models
Phase transformations (Statistical physics)
Refraction, Double

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T 10397

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