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"The behavior of the sticking coefficient of CO₂ on an H₂O substrate as a function of time is interpreted in terms of a microscopic nucleation theory. For a substrate temperature near 75 K and an incident flux near 1013 molecule cm⁻² sec⁻¹, a critical cluster size of four molecules and and activation energy of nucleation of 22 ± 2.4 Kcal mole⁻¹ is obtained. The analysis treats the nucleation processes as continuous rather than as a discontinuous process at some critical temperature.

In addition the same molecular beam apparatus used for the above experiment was used to measure the condensation coefficient, γ, of H₂O, N₂O, and CO₂, each on a surface of the condensed phase of the same molecule, i.e., H₂O on H₂O, N₂O on N₂O and CO₂ on CO₂. This ratio, γ, was observed to be a function of the beam temperature, incident flux, and the time that the surface was exposed to the beam as well as the surface temperature. Problems associated with the definition of γ are discussed in attempts to explain the data. The range of γ observed was 0.5 to 0.995.

As part of these experiments the sublimation rate of H₂O, CO₂, N₂O, and to have been measured in the temperature range that correspond to vapor pressure between 10-4 and 10-9 Torr"--Abstract, page iii.


Levenson, L. L., 1928-1998

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Adawi, I., 1930-
Snow, William R.
Goben, C. A.
Bell, Robert John, 1934-



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Ph. D. in Physics


National Science Foundation (U.S.)
University of Missouri--Rolla. Graduate Center for Materials Research
University of Missouri--Rolla. Graduate Center for Cloud Physics Research
United States. Air Force


Supported by the Atmospheric Science Section of the National Science Foundation under Grant GA 13948.


University of Missouri--Rolla

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  • Critical Sticking Cluster Size Determination from Coefficient and Flash Desorption Measurements
  • Condensation Coefficient Measurements of H₂O, N₂O, and CO₂
  • Sublimation Rates and Vapor Pressures of H₂O, CO₂, N₂O, and Xe


ix, 88 pages

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Dissertation - Open Access

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Atmospheric physics -- Mathematical models
Gases -- Absorption and adsorption
Vapor pressure -- Measurement
Surface chemistry

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T 2798

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