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Yang-Gi Kim


"Direct numerical simulation (DNS) of one-dimensional equations of change have been made for the fast reaction A + B → R in statistically homogeneous Burgers turbulence. Two classes of initial conditions have been considered.

For initially nonpremixed reactants, the evolution of single-point statistics have been computed from the DNS results at a turbulence Reynolds number Re = 400, at turbulent Damkohler numbers of Da = 10², 10³ and at Schmidt numbers Sc = 10⁻³, 10⁻², 10⁻¹, 1. Toor's closure is more reliable for nonpremixed than for partially premixed reactants. Tarbell's closure, which failed for partially premixed reactants, offers improvement over Toor's, as does the closure developed by Kim and Reed (Ind. Eng. Clem. Res. 37, 3710 (1998)) for partially premixed reactants, which also offers an advantage over Tarbell's closure and recognizes the phenomenon of reaction segregation.

For partially premixed reactants, the evolution of reactant and product spectra, E[subscript A(k,t)(=E[subscript B](k,t)) and E[subscript R(k,t) have been computed from the DNS concentration profiles at Re = 400 and Da = 10, 10², 10³ for Sc = 10⁻³, 1. The interpretation of the reactant spectra hinges on the passive additive spectra E[subscript Θ](k,t) having the same initial spectrum as E[subscript A](k.t), being convected by the same random velocity field u(x.t) that convects A, B, and R, and having the same Prandtl/Schmidt number as the Sc of A, B, and R. While E,(k,t) depends upon Da and Sc, E[subscript A](k,t) depends almost exclusively on Sc"--Abstract, page iv.


Reed, X. B., Jr.

Committee Member(s)

Ludlow, Douglas K.
Johnson, James W., 1930-2002
Forciniti, Daniel
Isaac, Kakkattukuzhy M.
Samaranayake, V. A.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering


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University of Missouri--Rolla

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  • One-dimensional modelling of nonpremixed turbulent chemical reactions
  • Evolution of concentration spectra for partially premixed statistically homogeneous turbulent chemical reactions described by one-dimensional equations of change


xii, 118 pages

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Turbulence -- Simulation methods
Shear flow -- Simulation methods

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T 7671

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