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Yihui Xu


"Dynamic mathematical models describing column systems containing spherical perfusive particles or spherical purely diffusive particles with a bidisperse porous structure during adsorption and elution stages are developed and numerical solutions are obtained for single component systems. The models include the mass transfer mechanisms of pore diffusion (both in macropores and micropores), and intraparticle convective flow. Dynamic adsorption and desorption mechanisms are utilized in the models.

The adsorption and desorption of bovine serum albumin (BSA) was studied for different values of the intraparticle Peclet number, Pe intra , and of the microsphere diameter, dm. The results show that there is a spherical asymmetry of the isoconcentration profiles of the adsorbate in the porous adsorbent particle when Pe intra is not equal to zero, and as Pe intra increases, this asymmetry increases, so that the concentrations of the adsorbate in the macropore fluid and the adsorbed phase also increase. It was also found that as Pe intra increases and dm decreases, the dynamic percentage utilization of the adsorptive capacity of the column increases.

The results show that the asymmetry of the elution peak of the adsorbate (at the exit of the column) decreases, the peak height increases, and the time, Te, required for the elution of the adsorbate decreases, as (Pe intra )a increases. The results also show that as the value of dm decreases and the value of (Pe intra )a increases, Te decreases, and the average bulk concentration of the adsorbate, C d,bulk , in the solution collected at the exit of the column increases. Finally, comparing the results of the two directions of flow during elution stage, the systems with reverse flow exhibit a better performance"--Abstract, page iv.


Liapis, Athanasios I.

Committee Member(s)

Crosser, Orrin K.
Johnson, James W., 1930-2002
Avula, Xavier J. R.
Clark, Stephen L.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering


National Science Foundation (U.S.)
University of Missouri--Rolla


University of Missouri--Rolla

Publication Date

Summer 1995

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • "Perfusion chromatography": The effects of intraparticle convective velocity and microsphere size on column performance
  • The modelling and analysis of the elution stage of "perfusion chromatography": The effects of intraparticle convective velocity and microsphere size on system performance


xii, 273 pages

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Includes bibliographical references.


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Dissertation - Restricted Access

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Chromatographic analysis
Mathematical models
Separation (Technology)

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T 7032

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