A knowledge-based geographic information system (KBGIS) for geological engineering map (GEM) production was developed in GoldWorks, an expert system development shell. GoldWorks allows the geological engineer to develop a rule base for a GEM application. Implementation of the resultant rule base produced a valid GEM, but took too much time. This proved that knowledge-based GEM production was possible but in GoldWorks implementation failed as a practical production system. To solve this problem, a Conversion Expert System was developed which accepted, as input, a KBGIS and produced, as output, the equivalent Fortran code. This allowed the engineer to utilize GoldWorks for development of the rule base while implementing the rule base in a more practical manner (as a Fortran program). Testing of the Fortran program generated by this Conversion System confirmed that the GEMs produced were identical to those from the KBGIS, and execution time was significantly reduced. There was an additional benefit; since use of the Fortran program did not require access to the GoldWorks System, a single GoldWorks package could be used with the Conversion System to develop several Fortran production systems. These systems could then be used at remote production sites. However, each Fortran production system still required access to the Earth Resources Data Analysis System (ERDAS) that supplied the GIS input and output files. Thus, this Conversion System achieved two major objectives; it dramatically reduced GEM production time, and it added versatility.


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This report is substantially the M.S. thesis of the first author, completed December 1989.

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December 1989